The Institute for Higher Performance P.C. (IHP) is a professional consulting firm committed to empowering performance improvement of their organizational clients and their personnel.  IHP’s team of highly specialized, licensed clinical psychologists provide various evaluation and consulting services that meet or exceed industry standards and best practices.  IHP maintains a strong professional presence across the protective services and emergency responder sectors, as well as other similar mission critical industries.

IHP’s comprehensive evaluation process includes the use of reliable and validated assessments and in-depth structured interviews designed to measure a person’s job-relevant aptitudes and competencies, attitudes and behavioral tendencies, personality traits, and potential pathological indicators in a legally defensible way. By thoroughly assessing a person’s intellectual, emotional, behavioral and social functioning, and overall psychological health, IHP can help your agency or organization make more informed decisions related to selecting the best-suited candidates and effectively developing existing personnel.


Who we serve:

IHP serves agencies and organizations involved in the protective services, emergency response, and other high risk occupational industries including:

  • Federal Government / Homeland Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Security & Paramilitary
  • Corrections
  • 911-Emergency Dispatch
  • Firefighting
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Critical Infrastructure Construction / Engineering / Utilities / Transportation
  • Mission Critical Overseas Contracting / Nation-Building
  • Clergy


At IHP, we accomplish our mission by helping our clients meet theirs.
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